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Real Client Success Stories

Discover the real stories behind our program’s success as shared by our valued clients. These testimonials reflect the genuine transformations experienced by individuals who committed to their well-being. From weight loss milestones to increased energy and self-esteem, these narratives provide a powerful glimpse into the positive impact our program can have.

I am grateful for Dr. Francois, who has played a crucial role in inspiring and guiding me on my weight loss journey. My weight has been a constant challenge throughout my life, but thanks to Dr. Francois, I have shifted my focus from obsessing over my weight to prioritizing a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Francois has taught me to approach my daily habits and eating in a new way, and as a result, I have lost 20 pounds and feel much happier with the choices I make every day. I no longer feel restricted, but rather empowered to take control of my thoughts and actions. I am making progress at my own pace, and I am grateful to Dr. Francois for helping me achieve this positive change.

Sandra M.

Dr. Erica is kind and caring, and she has guided me to success after decades of struggling with my weight. She used science to help unlock a plan that worked for me, and her compassion helped get me through times my mind got the better of me.

I wear both the hat of the healthcare provider and that of a patient. Wrestling with weight loss challenges over numerous years, I opted to start making lifestyle changes to reclaim my well-being. By drawing from my personal journey, I can empathize with the hurdles faced by my patients, fostering a deeper understanding of their struggles.

Dr. Erica N. Francois, DNP APRN

Dr. Francois has been a true blessing in my life. I recall one of our initial conversations where I mentioned my interest in undergoing the gastric sleeve procedure. With utmost professionalism, she advised me, "Kiffany, I believe we should try a non-surgical option first, and then proceed to surgery if we are not meeting our wellness and weight loss goals within a timely manner." Dr. Francois guided me toward a different path for weight loss, and despite my ongoing struggle with a Biscoff cookie addiction (LOL), she has been incredibly supportive and motivating. Thanks to her and her team, I've successfully lost 60 lbs in one year. I look forward to continuing my health and weight loss journey under Dr. Francois' care.

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